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Hello All YSWG Members

By Jeff Luzod

Customer Service/E-Commerce Support

Promar and Ahi USA offers a dedicated sabiki rod. The Ahi USA Sabiki Stick Bait Catcher Rod comes in both a 7-foot (RSB-700) and 8-foot (RSB-800) model. With this rod, you can use either a spinning or conventional reel. The rod itself has one guide leading into a hollow shaft where the line and sabiki is stored. This rod comes in 3 pieces and is easy to assemble: the butt, middle, and tip. The 3-piece design makes it easy to store. The 7-foot model is perfect for smaller boats or kayaks, while the 8-foot model is good for larger boats and to take on long range trips. With the 7-foot model, you may need to cut off one hook as typical sabiki rig might be too long to completely store in the hollow shaft of the rod. The 8-foot model, does allow the entire rig to be stored within the rod. To rig the rod, I simply thread the line as I attach each section of the rod. Sometimes it helps to attach a small paper clip or jig clip to the end of the line for added weight when feeding the line through each section of the rod. Once the line comes out of the tip, I then tie it directly to the swivel of the Sabiki Rig.

As far as sabiki rigs we offer wide variety of rigs which are flashy and vary from glow hook models to non-glow hook models. We offer rigs that are made with fish skin, flies, and even both. These come in a variety of hook sizes and line strengths for varying sizes of bait.

  1. Vibrant Fish Skin (available in hook size 6, 10 and 14)
  2. Rainbow Skin (Size 6, 10, and 14)
  3. Rainbow Flasher (Size 4, 8, and 12)
  4. Speckled Shrimp Red/White (Size 4, 8)
  5. Glow Fish Skin (Size 6, 10 and 14)
  6. Glow Hook Speckled Shrimp (size 4 and 8)
  7. Glow Hook Rainbow Skin (Size 6, 10, 14)

The larger size hooks, you would want to use for larger baits like mackerel or jacks. With the smaller size hooks, being better for targeting smaller baits like anchovies, smelt, or sardines. These are proven bait catchers, and it is always a good idea to carry a few of these rigs on your boat because you’ll never know what you’ll encounter on a day-to-day basis. Stay prepared.

Thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog. I look forward to making more blogs on weekly basis so stay tuned!

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