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Rainbow Flasher Sabiki Rig #4 (10-Pack)


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By Ahi USA


The Ahi USA Rainbow Flasher Sabiki Rig #4 (10-Pack) are produced with only the highest quality components. All Sabiki Rigs include ball bearing and crane swivels designed to minimize line kinks and twist.

Equipped with sharp high quality gold hooks. Hand-tied to super strong nylon chip leader material and enhanced with green glow and red flash beads, Rigs are available in various hook sizes and strengths of main line and branch-line. Comes in 10 different models/colors; Vibrant Fish Skin, Rainbow Skin, Rainbow Flasher, Speckled Shrimp (Red/White), Specked Shrimp (Red), and glow fish skin. The rainbow skin and both colors of speckled shrimp come in glow hook versions.

Don't forget to pick up an Ahi USA Sabiki Rod as well to avoid the hassle of tangling and untangling your Sabiki rigs. Use Sabiki Rigs to catch Anchovies, Mackerel, Sardines, and Smelt on the West Coast and Pinfish, Pilchards, Jacks, etc on the east coast.

Model # Description Main Line/ Branch Line Test Hook Size
SB-301 Rainbow Flasher 15/10 lbs 12
SB-302 Rainbow Flasher 20/10 lbs 8
SB-303 Rainbow Flasher 30/20 lbs 4

Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

SKU: SB-301 x 10

Customer Reviews

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Rory G.
High Quality Product at A Good Price

this is a high quality sabiki rigs that is very reasobnably priced.