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promar pro staff &
ahi affiliates

Meet the individuals who help guide the brand and future of the products. Learn from the pro's we've trusted in being the leaders who pioneer our brand in the the age of fishing. Check out their social media pages and websites linked below to learn more about fishing!


Captain dave hansen

100 Ton USCG Master License holder, California's first saltwater guide. Dave serves as an expert advisor for Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine and contributor on Let's Talk Hook Up. Learn more from Dave at industry events, podcasts, or on his website where he shares 48 years of fishing knowledge.

Website | Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | TikTok

Captain Justin Bottrell

A veteran angler fishing in California waters for three decades, Justin runs 6-pack charters from San Pedro, CA. Lobster hooping, islands, offshore and local are his specialties. Justin is a licensed guide helping others learn about fishing while using Promar products since the beginning for success on open waters.

Website | Instagram | Youtube

Adam Irino "die hard fishing"

"I started my Youtube channel 'Die Hard Fishing' in 2017. What started as me carrying around a gopro everywhere eventually turned into my full time job in 2020. My love for fishing has since grew and made me want to explore further and push the sport to new levels."

Website | Instagram | Youtube

Nam "Out Here Fishing"

A passionate Seadoo angler turned private 6-pack Captain. Nam is eager to explore the SoCal coast in pursuit of his next big catch. His childhood hobby evolved into a mission to showcase the oceans abundance though social media. Sharing his love for fishing and helping others in their journey along the way!

Instagram | Youtube

Edward "Hook2Cook"

A central coast angler, Edward started his Youtube journey early in 2013 documenting bass fishing. His love for fishing and cooking blending into one, wanting to provide fresh fish for him and his wife. Edward showcases his joy and excitement for fishing while educating anglers on fishing techniques and more!

Website | Instagram | Youtube

Chris "ChrisPfish" Probst

From an early age of being on the water, Chris has developed his love for fishing and published his journey on his Youtube. Specializing in salmon, halibut, lingcod, bluefin, albacore and Dungeness. Since 2019 he has been teaching and sharing his adventures on his channel @ChrisPfish2.

Instagram | Youtube

Team Mullet "Ken & Jeff"

Two cousins running red fish tournaments for over a decade now. Always staying near the top of the leader boards across redfish tournaments placing in the top 10 consistently. They rely on Promar and Ahi products during the toughest of times to come out on top.

Captain Will Birdo

Will Birdo is a 4-pack charter captain out of Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach. Captain Will offers a wide variety of trips including lobster hooping, kite fishing bluefin tuna, paddy hopping for dorado, island fishing for yellowtail, halibut, rockfish, and bass. Wills years of experience help put you on your dream fish.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Lorenzo "Guppies"

A licensed fishing guide in California with over 20 years experience, Lorenzo created Guppies Fishing Adventures as an effort to bring kids away from their digital prison and discover a world with endless possibilities and lifelong memories. Introducing people to fishing and sharing his knowledge is his true passion.

Website | Instagram | Youtube

Gil "Rockit" Hernandez

'Angler of the Year' Gil Hernandez is a competitive tournament angler that specializes in both freshwater and saltwater. Gilrockit is a licensed guide that offers many products and services through his brand Rockit Fishing where he is passionate about educating anglers to have more success on the water.

Website | Instagram | Youtube

Chasten Whitfield

"Chastenation" was founded in 2015. Chasten is a 24-year-old angler who proves It's more than just fishing. Her mission is to give different abled kids and their families a moment to forget about doctor appointments and focus on fishing. In 2021 her show "Their Life My Lens" aired on national television.

Youtube | Facebook | Instagram | Website

Ed "Matame" Zamora

"I've been fishing since I was a kid back when you could keep black seabass and limits were plentiful. From local waters to Mexico, I've fished everywhere in between. My favorite target fish are halibut, WSB, Bluefin, and yellowfin. Off-season i target rockfish and lobster, year-round i love being on the water."

Instagram | Facebook