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Hello All YSWG Members


Ahi Wind On Leaders are available in both Premium Monofilament and GT4 Fluorocarbon. The Premium Monofilament models are available from 80–400LB and the GT4 fluorocarbon models are available from 30-300LB.

Both come in 14.2 yards/42.6 feet lengths and rigged with corresponding hollow core braid that is 36” in length and finished with a 4” loop.

Using the Ahi Wind On Leaders is an excellent alternative to shorter, knot connected, leaders because you can have a longer leader that runs smoothly through the guides while casting or reeling in a trophy catch. Another benefit to using these wind-ons is the ease of switching out lures, you can simply cut off the lure and tie on a new one without having to re-tie a whole new leader. That means less time rigging and more time fishing.


Swap your leaders and pre-tie your jigs. Being able to swap between leader sizes, jigs, and more has never been easier. When the bite is on, you don't want to struggle with finding the right leader and tying knots.


Need to change from 80LB down to 30LB? It's easy to lock in a new leader and keep a variety of packs available. Keep them neatly stored back in the bags they came in for next time! Don't miss the bite window.


Our connections and leaders have been thoroughly tested to ensure top quality strength and resistance. Minimal knots ensure a smooth reeling and casting experience while also limiting wear on your guides.


From live bait to jigging and surface irons, there is a variety of wind-on sizes to add to your fishing arsenal. Want more ways to rig, use and organize your leaders? Wind-on is the way to go.

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