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Hello All YSWG Members

By Jeff Luzod

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Jumped on the Native Sun out of 22nd Street Landing this past Sunday June 12, 2022. The goal for the day was to catch Sand Bass in the morning and fill the bags with Sculpin. Left the dock at 7:00am and headed to the bait barge to pick up some bait. The bait available to us were a small amount of Live Squid (which were left overs from the previous trip), smaller Anchovies, and big Sardines.

After leaving the San Pedro Bait Barge, we headed towards the first spot of the day which was just outside of Huntington Beach. Once we arrived we saw a few sport boats out there a long with private boaters all fishing close together. It looked slow, not much was biting and there was no current. After a couple of drifts and attempting to fish on anchor, we pulled up very little. We headed out to the sculpin grounds at the 150 spot for the next hour or so. The Sculpin were biting on every drop. Set up and bait of choice was plastics tied to double dropper loop with cut up sardines tipping the hooks.

After easy limits on Sculpin, we headed back to fish the Sand Bass hoping for the conditions to improve. We anchored up over structure and never made a move until it was almost time to head in. The current came alive and that woke up the fish. Nothing absolutely wide open but the bite was very consistent. We ended up limiting out on Sand Bass. Fish were caught on plastics, reverse dropper loops and leadhead and squid. With the majority of bites on the leadhead and Squid. The Sand Bass seemed to want the Sardines more than the Anchovies. Fun fishing, throwback to the late 90’s and early 2000’s when I was growing up. All that’s missing is the Barracuda at this point.



As far as fishing elsewhere in Southern California:

Ventura/Santa Barbara: The White Sea Bass and Halibut bite seems to have slowed but the Calico/Sand Bass bite seems to be picking up some steam. The barracuda looking like they are starting to come out and play. And the Rockfishing is it’s usual self.

LA/OC: Calico Bass is biting well at Rocky Point with an occasional yellowtail and white sea bass popping up. Further down south near Huntington Beach the Sand Bass. Most in the fleet are reporting limits or near limits. Per usual the Sculpin fishing at the 150 (as mentioned above) is pretty much automatic limits. There are also bass showing at the Horseshoe Kelp along with spots of Barracuda. Fishing at the islands (Catalina and Clemente) has been slower but boats choosing to fish these islands are seeing Bonito, Calico Bass, Barracuda and Rockfish come over the rail. There have been a few Halibut also coming over the rail. The white sea bass and yellowtail bite hasn’t been too great.

San Diego: Tuna is the name of the game down here. The Bluefin are biting inconsistently. As we all know, the bluefin are all show but no go a lot of times. There are some yellows being encountered on kelp paddies. Some yellows are starting to show at the local kelp lines down there in San Diego and their local bass bite also seems like to be heating up. Looking at the fish counts, the Grande caught a Louvar which a very uncommon catch and the Liberty caught a yellowfin which is a little early for these to start showing up within day range.

Louvar On the Grande


Yellowfin Tuna On the Liberty


Thanks guys for reading and stay tuned for my next weekly episode that comes out on Fridays and my weekend fishing recaps on Mondays.


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