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ikara slow pitch jigs

Welcome to the world of slow pitch.

The ultimate mix of finesse and fast-paced fishing. You can swim them, jig them, and do a mix of both. The flutter is great and provides an alluring shine under the water sure to attract the hungriest of fish.

The fluttering action imitates a dying bait fish while falling. Give it a few pops, jerks, and reels and you have an insatiable display for all the nearby fish.

With 5 amazing colors, you're sure to be able to match the hatch all with the bit of shine you need to break through the darkest water columns.

5 Unique Prints

1. Utilizing our live deception prints, the Ikara jig is the pinnacle of matching the hatch while still being vibrant and colorful.

2. All of the bellies of these jigs come with a glow paint on them that lights up incredibly bright while fishing deeper darker parts of the water column or even night use!

3. A rock-hard clear coat ensures that the color and shine on these jigs will last you longer even while fishing in rocky and hard bottom areas.

4. All jigs come pre-rigged with BKK hooks and a shiny tinsel patch for extra shine in the water that imitates the small fins in bait fish.

Slow Retrieve

With this technique you're casting out to your desired location and popping it back while allowing it to flutter back down. Many time you'll get bit on the fall due to the flutter created by the offset weight. You're essentially popping it up and allowing for that presentation to happen multiple times covering a wider range of water.

vertical jigging

As the name suggests, you're dropping these straight down or pitching them close by. You'll jig these up with a swift jerk motion and allowing the line to go slack so the fluttering action of these jigs can take effect. Keep an eye on your line! They often get bit on the way down and don't forget to set the hook quickly!

cast & retrieve

The simplest way, these jigs aren't just good for slow retrieval! They have a great swimming action that drive fish crazy! You can always mix in a couple pauses allowing the lure to looking like a struggling bait fish trying to swim. This often entices any following predatory fish to strike! A classic retrieval with an improved falling action.

offset center balance

The body of the Ikara was designed to be offset center balanced to amplify an erratic action as it swims up and down the water column. These jigs are tuned to be heaviest on one side to ensure a pendulum like action, catching one edge then swinging out to fall back on the opposite side.

This action has been proven to drive fish crazy! Imitating a falling bait fish, it makes for an easy meal for any lurking predatory fish in the area.

"Perfectly imperfect" balance. Countless hours and multiple variations tested and proven to work before being passed by our team of pro-staff and captains.

Premium BKK Hooks

All Ikara jigs come pre-rigged with Premium BKK Hooks.

Sizes 2 and 3 for optimal performance, no need to re-rig your jigs with new hooks. They are ready to go for whatever may bite your line.

Trusted, we wanted to offer one of the best hooks on the market, when you're chasing your trophy fish you don't want to worry about what hook your jigs are rigged with. All at no extra cost, no need to shop around and spend more on your jigs.

These hooks are pre-rigged using 145lb Dyneema.