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Hello All YSWG Members

New for 2024

We are always pushing the boundaries of the products we engineer. From our lobster traps to our newest endeavor of fluorocarbon. We put a lot of time and effort into the new products working closely with our product development team, pro-staff and our captains to test all these products to ensure the highest quality and performance. We are happy to share these new items for the 2024 year with you.


Strong yet supple, abrasive resistant and of course it's strong. We've been testing this line for a long time from research and development to on the water testing alongside our captains and pro-staff. We wanted to make sure it was product able to rival the line titans of the industry while offering more for the same price all while providing the exceptional and professional quality line for all occasions. Truly, in a world full of so many lines at various costs for odd lengths we wanted to make something for the everyday fisherman to use and be able to take it out for tuna and bass with the security of knowing you won't lose whatever is at the end of your line.


Similar to our leader spools, we have put tons of time into this product. There is a growing breed of anglers taking advantage of the functional benefits of fishing with wind-on leaders and we wanted to open it up producing a great product with exceptional strength and addressing the most common issues with this product and making it better. If you are unfamiliar with it learn about it and find out how it can help you on your next big game adventure.

PROMAR DESCENDING DEVICE's a law to have one of these on your boats at this point but aside from that we here at Promar & Ahi are one of the leading manufacturers for diamond jigs meant for rockfish. This fishery holds a special place for us and we've worked closely with the CCA ensuring it meets their standards. We want to make sure our kids and yours are able to fish these same waters for these same fish for years to come. The future of fishing depends on all of us as anglers to do our part when it comes to taking care of these fish so that we don't need more laws restricting what we can and can't fish.


A lot of us here at Promar are actual anglers who fish and the cool part about it all is that we get the opportunity to pitch new ideas for what we want to see new in the industry or added to our lineup. With the growing popularity of slow pitch jigging for bass, tuna, rock fish and so on we wanted to make a product that utilizes our Live Deception print to add that "match the hatch" factor to slow pitch jigs. These are so much fun to use, and we have been killing the inshore scene with them even in the cold slow months, these jigs are really something to add to your arsenal.