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AHI GT4 100% Fluorocarbon

Ahi's GyraTech® process produces a unique molecular structure during the forming phase of GT4 to maximize and balance the 4 key components every angler demands of their fluorocarbon.

Designed by anglers for anglers. Tested for strength and durability at the highest levels of fishing. Peak performance driven by results on the water not in the lab. From island hopping to backyard ponds, results were clear...the NEW Ahi GT4 was designed to catch fish.

Trusted by captains and guides alike. We've given our line to various anglers who have proven our hard work and dedicated time on the water with our line trusting it for their customers. Knowing that this line would not limit their chances but exceed all expectations for them and their customers.

1. Wear Resitant

Ahi's unique formula of resins and coatings creates a supple yet exceptionally strong exterior, providing an superior abrasion resitant line.

2. Ultra Sensitive

Ahi GT4 is formulated for strength and sensitivity. The dense construction gives it 30% less stretch than monofilament which reduces memory and increases sensitivity.

3. Knot Strength

The exterior finish of Ahi GT4 offers flexibility and low line memory for optimum casting, bait presentation, as well as superior knot and crimp strength.

4. Near Invisible

GT4 is constructed using only the highest PVDF materials resulting in a fluorocarbon line that holds a similar refractive index property as water making it nearly invisible.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Ahi GT4 is the only line I use on my boat. I never leave for a trip without it anymore. Amazing work by the Promar guys.
— Cpt. Justin Botrell (Bowline Sportfishing)