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By Promar


The Promar Wooden Bonker Gaffs are a classically designed tool that have been used for many years. This rugged tool is ideal for lifting fish over the rail as well as moving them to the cooler or fish hold. This dual purpose gaff is constructed with wood and a stainless steel spike.

This gaff can also be used as a fish billy club to subdue large fish. Bonker Gaffs are a staple throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. This is especially useful in bringing on board trophy sized Pacific Halibut, which can be quite large and be a hazard to bring on board, especially on smaller vessels.

Fisherman will subdue the fish with the bonker gaff by striking and spiking it near or on the head to ensure it does not flop and knock anyone over.. Afterwards the fish is then dragged on board.

The Promar Bonker Gaff comes in two sizes, a 24 inch and 36 inch version.

Model # Length
GF-331 24''
GF-332 36''
SKU: GF-331

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