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LED Headlamp - 6 LED's + 1 Krypton Bulb

$13.59 $16.99

1 review
By Promar


The Promar LED Headlamp - 6 LED's + 1 Krypton Bulb features five long lasting white LED bulbs, one low light red LED bulb, and one focusing all around incandescent bulb positioned on a 90 degree lifting base.

The headlamp has four different light settings, which allows this light to illuminate with one red LED, three white LED's, six white LED's, or one incandescent bulb

Model # Settings Bulbs Batteries
SP-600 4 6 5mm, 1 low-light Red, 1 focusing incandescent (3) AAA
SKU: SP-600

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
June H
Not just for Fishing

Not only do I use this when I'm fishing in the dark. I also use this when i use this for work. I'm a repair man and sometimes I go into basements or rooms that are not very well lit. the fact that this has different functions is a plus, different lighting conditions need different light.