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Honey-Combed Fillet Gloves


A staple of fishing fleets everywhere, Promar's Honey-Combed Fillet Gloves (Orange Color) are a must have when handling fish, lobster, and just about anything else that wiggles! We started with a hi-vis orange polyester glove, and added elastic in the cuffs as well as a color coded seam for easy size identification.

We then coated both sides with a honeycomb pattern PVC adhesive allowing you to use both sides of the glove for longer life. The PVC coating offers abrasion resistance and helps protect you from knife edges and spines while giving you superior grip when processing fish.

This non-slip grip also reduces hand fatigue, and has become a favorite not only for handling fish but also for handling cardboard boxes, plants, and any other job involving repetitive use of your hands.

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