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Promar Angler Series Landing Net


The Promar Angler Series Landing Nets are the most basic of the 3 Angler series models we offer but are also very dependable and of great value. If you are looking for a good net while keeping cost down, this net is for you.

These one piece landing nets feature some high quality components you normally only see on higher priced comparisons. The Promar Angler's Series Landing Nets feature a sturdy octagon handle that is made of aluminum. It also comes with molded grips, which provides a firm and comfortable hold, and heavy poly netting, which is very durable.

The aluminum handle keeps the net not only light weight but also very durable and reliable. The Promar Angler Series Landing Nets come in 3 different variations: A 17 inch diameter hoop with an 18 inch long handle (LN-900), a 20 inch diameter hoop with a 30 inch long handle (LN-910), and a 24 inch diameter hoop with a 36 inch long handle (LN-920).

**Some Assembly May Be Required**

Model # Hoop Size Handle Length Replacement Net
LN-900 17" 18" RN-710
LN-910 20" 30" RN-712
LN-920 24" 36" RN-720

WARNINGCancer and Reproductive Harm –

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