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Descending Device - 2 pack


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With new CA regulations, there has never been a more important time for you to gear up and grab your descending device for all undersized and over limit rockfish! Great and simple to use, make sure you're not caught without your descending device and fish with the security of knowing that it'll work for all your catches. 


It's simple to use! First attach a weight to the clip end of the device, you're going to want to use a 1lb weight or more depending on size and qty of fish. Secondly, pierce the lip of the fish (where hooked) with the pointed edge. Thirdly, lean over the rail and place device with fish into water. IT IS IMPORTANT that before this step you leave your bail open so when you release the fish and device it can begin its descent. Allow the fish and device to sink to an estimated 100 ft depth and then jerk up a few times allowing the fish to unhook and swim away. Then reel back in and be ready to go for the next batch! 

DISCLAIMER: Sinker Sold separately. 

SKU: AC-80-2PK