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Hook Resist Replacement Net


6 reviews
By Promar


Promar Hook Resist Replacement Net Netting is a rubberized net that is fish-friendly, hook-friendly and flat-bottomed. Perfect for catch and release fishing as this net will protect the fish. It will not remove slime or cause any damage to fins or scales. 

Model # Diameter Depth Mesh
RN-500BR 37-40" 40" 3/8"
RN-501BR 28-30" 24" 3/8"
RN-502BR 20-24" 24" 3/8"
RN-503BR 18-20" 24" 3/8"

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
James Fritzsche
Nice Product

Delivered in 4 days. They went on three old nets very easily. Can’t wait to use them.


Fit on with a little finesse. Looks good and should last another 5-7 years


Exactly as described. Great quality and fast service.

Prosise - Amazon
Pull the trigger, It is a very good buy. No BS! In TX

I have one of those older collapsible handle nets that is kind of triangular. The original net was a very fine nylon and felt kind of abrasive at the knots. We have cut many lines getting hooks out of the old net. We killed the net last week catching some big Carp & Buffalo. The net frame I have is about 34" tall and 26" across so I was concerned the med would be too small to install. Trying to determine what size I needed made me scratch my head a couple times. I opted for the large net, when installed it had some bunching but works better than I expected. No BS, I told my son a couple times yesterday that the net was the way to go. Wish I had one like this a long time ago. The deep net is nice because you can leave the fish in the water while you get things ready. The water drag is more than my old net material but there was no problem. Don't do many reviews but when I am surprised by an item it is worth it to share the info. We weighed several fish at the 20 pound mark by hooking the net handle onto the scale and the net didn't have any problem. The Depth is deeper than I would expect but is surprisingly very helpful.

MNPilot - Amazon
Great Replacement Net!!

I needed to replace my Frabil net bag and wanted one that would reduce cut fins and help keep the fish healthy while taking out the hooks. This bag replaced a Frabil Power Catch and it fit perfectly. I was worried about getting this net on the hoop consider all the issues I heard, but it was actually pretty easy once you got going. I had the bend the one arm down a bit to get the net on and feed it, but after a couple of minutes I got the hang of it and was done before you knew it. I'll have some on the water testing here in the next couple weeks and report back. Edit: This net is awesome. I have replaced all of my nets with these and they work flawless. The net handled all types of fish from Walleyes to 47" muskies with no problems at all. Get light net that kept the fish in the bag safe and prevent fin cuts. I even replaced the Frabil net on my folding net and now I have a great panfish net that won't get hooks caught in it which is why that net sat in the garage for two years.