Clam Guns


The Promar PVC or Stainless Steel Clam Guns are ideally suited for catching razor clams from sandy beaches and tidal zones.

There are 2 models to choose from, a lightweight PVC model and a durable stainless steel model. The PVC model is 29" overall length and has a 1" diameter handle mounted to a 4 1/4" diameter tube with a tapered edge to help cut through the sand quickly and deeply.

It is outfitted with stainless steel hardware and glue to help hold everything together and ensure a tight seal. A conveniently placed air vent makes it easy to release the vent and drop your sand and hopefully clams!

The stainless steel model has a 5" diameter tube with an overall height of 32". The steel tube plunges deeper quickly and makes a tighter seal allowing you to grab and release more sand. The Convenient vent hole under the handgrip allows for a quick and easy release to drop the sand out. Hypalon handgrips give you a better grip when working the gun.

Model # Material Height  Tube Dims
AC-505S Stainless Steel 31" 5" x 15"
AC-555 PVC
29" 4.5" x 28"

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