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50 Series Monofilament Mesh Cast Nets


1 review
By Ahi USA


3/8” Mono | 1”- 5” Bait | STEEL | 0.75lb/FT

The Ahi USA 50 Series Monofilament Cast Nets feature vinyl coated steel weights, which make them legal in areas where led weight restrictions are found. The weights are coated with a Ultra Chip Resistant coating protecting them from the elements while in use. This series is available in 7 sizes ranging from 3' - 8' in radius.

Each net Features Premium UBE Chip Monofilament Netting, 3/8" Square Mesh, 80 Ibs test braille lines, and 3/4 Ibs of "Actual Steel Weight" per foot of lead line. This entire net comes together and is secures by a heavy-duty anodized swivel that is connected to a 24 foot poly rope handline.

Each net is packed in a reusable hard plastic rectangular container helping with storage when the net is not in use. Each cast net also comes with Step by Step instructions on how to properly load and throw for optimal use.

And lastly, this series of nets has been thoroughly tested against our high standards for performance and durability to ensure great quality, something that is a cornerstone for all Ahi cast nets.  

  • Chip Resistant Vinyl Coated Steel Weights
  • Premium UBE Chip Monofilament Netting
  • 3/4 LBS of weight per foot
  • 80lbs Test braille lines
  • Reusable hard plastic container
Model # Description Mesh Size
Net Size
CN-53 50 Series Cast Net 3/8" Mono 3 ft
CN-54 50 Series Cast Net 3/8" Mono 4 ft
CN-545 50 Series Cast Net 3/8" Mono 4.5 ft
CN-55 50 Series Cast Net 3/8" Mono 5 ft
CN-56 50 Series Cast Net 3/8" Mono 6 ft
CN-57 50 Series Cast Net 3/8" Mono 7 ft
CN-58 50 Series Cast Net 3/8" Mono 8 ft


WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

SKU: CN-53

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Brandon C.
Great net

Great net of great quality. Not really a problem, I just need to get one that sinks faster.