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Clam Guns


4 reviews
By Promar


The Promar PVC or Stainless Steel Clam Guns are ideally suited for catching razor clams from sandy beaches and tidal zones.

There are 2 models to choose from, a lightweight PVC model and a durable stainless steel model. The PVC model is 29" overall length and has a 1" diameter handle mounted to a 4 1/4" diameter tube with a tapered edge to help cut through the sand quickly and deeply.

It is outfitted with stainless steel hardware and glue to help hold everything together and ensure a tight seal. A conveniently placed air vent makes it easy to release the vent and drop your sand and hopefully clams!

The stainless steel model has a 5" diameter tube with an overall height of 32". The steel tube plunges deeper quickly and makes a tighter seal allowing you to grab and release more sand. The Convenient vent hole under the handgrip allows for a quick and easy release to drop the sand out. Hypalon handgrips give you a better grip when working the gun.

Model # Material Height  Tube Dims
AC-505S Stainless Steel 31" 5" x 15"
AC-555 PVC
29" 4.5" x 28"
SKU: AC-555

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lynnette Herndon - Amazon Review
Worth the money

It was perfect for anyone to use.

Amazon Review
Worth the Price

We went razor clam digging twice with this bad boy and compared it to the plastic ones that our Airbnb host offered us. This metal one was able to get the razor clams out in one go where the plastic ones took multiple tries to pull the sand out. Love how this one had grips too.

Only thing to watch out for is with the metal one you have to be delicate with digging, otherwise you can break the shells pretty easily.

Nino G.
Easy to use

Compared to similar products, this is better quality. Does not bend I'm try to spike it into hard ground.

Chris F.
Easy to use

Very simple an easy to use. This is a high quality product and I highly recommend.