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Crab and Lobster Gauges


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By Promar


The Promar Crab and Lobster Gauge are essential for those of you who enjoy harvesting your own crab and lobster. These gauges are constructed from heavy duty corrosion resistant aluminum.

Check your local regulations before purchasing a gauge to ensure they represent the correct measurement requirements in your area.

Promar offers three options, AC-320 (CA Lobster/Crab), AC-330B (FL Lobster/Crab), and AC-310 (Multispecies). Make sure to have your Promar gauge on you next time you plan on making a harvest.

Model # Region Size Species
AC-310 Mulit-Purpose 7'', 6 1/4'', 6'', 5 3/4'', 3 1/4'' Lobster, Crab, Abalone & Clam
AC-320 California 3 1/4'' & 4'' Lobster & Crab
AC-330 Florida 2 3/4'' & 3'' Lobster & Crab
SKU: AC-320

Customer Reviews

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Rex N.
All you need.

I have the multi purpose gauge. No need to have multiple gauges.