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Promar LN-855 5 Ft Wood Handle


1 review
By Promar

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The Promar 5 Ft Wood Handle / Crab Net is an economy friendly dip net that comes in 2 different models and are great for scooping up blue crab, smelt, minnows, shrimp, squid, and other small species.

The nets are a basic design and comes with a 5 foot long wooden handle and a sturdy 14 inch diameter wire frame. The wooden handle is also pretty sturdy as it is pretty stout, durable and does not bend. The LN-855 model comes with a fine nylon mesh bag which is great for scooping up baitfish and shrimp.

The LN-855P model comes with a large poly mesh bag and is ideal for scooping up blue crab. Nylon mesh is softer of the two materials . Poly mesh is knotted and a little harder. Both are very durable and dependable.

The Promar Wooden Handle Bait / Crab nets are perfect budget friendly options for your bait scooping needs.

Model # Hoop Size Handle Size Net Material
LN-855 14" 5FT Nylon Mesh
LN-855P 14" 5FT Poly

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Gabe S.
Shrimping Net

I have the nylon mesh version and use it to catch shrimp at night. the netting itself is durable and the handle is pretty sturdy.