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5 reviews
By Ahi USA


The Ahi USA 7" Rock Cod Squirts are ready to fish and come equipped with glow-in the-dark squids and multicolored Mylar skirts that fish can't resist. The Jumbo squirts are 7 inches long, come in two colors (Pink Glow and Glow) and equipped with heavy duty 6/0 hooks, 80 pound test monofilament fishing line, heavy duty swivel, and weight snap.

They come in tandem to comply with California fishing regulations which only allow two hooks at a time when fishing for or in possession of rockfish. Please check with your local agency for current and the most up-to-date regulations on hooks.

To properly use the squirts, simply attach the squirt by attaching your line to the provided swivel and attach your desired weight to the weight snap.

The squirts are extremely effective under a variety of conditions and depths. Great for catching a wide variety of fish including, rockfish, lingcod, snapper and other bottom fish.  

Model # Description Line Test Hook Size
SB-711G Glow 80 lbs 9/0
SB-711PG Pink Glow 80 lbs 9/0

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

SKU: SB-711PG x 1, SB-711G x 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert Groeber
Rock cod slayers!

Great product, high quality durable squids that work!


These are the best for any bottom fish. Just add a little squid strip.


These things work amazing! Lots of quality fish so far!

Tim Manaka
7 inch Squids

Great addition to my rock fish tackle. Have used the smaller ones for years and this new 7 inch knocks it out of the park, keeps the small rock fish off. If you loved the smaller ones you will Love the larger size.

I use their heavy Assualt diamond jigs instead of a torpedo sinker (Mexico- no 2 hook regulation)

Ryan H.
I love these!

Rockfish and Lingcod love these. Love the using the 7inch squirts so I can weed through all the smaller rockfish.