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7 reviews
By Promar


The Promar Elite Series Gaffs are the ultimate solution to landing your next trophy catch. These heavy-duty, yet extremely light weight gaffs are constructed from the latest high tensile strength carbon fiber technology.

The tapered carbon fiber shaft offers anglers a feather weight, flexible, and extremely durable gaff that is easy to maneuver.

Each gaff comes outfitted with a beefy corrosion resistant #316 stainless steel hook and custom wrapped grips that will ensure solid control.

The grip sections on the gaff feature thick hand-wrapped tuna-cord which are enhanced with a clear epoxy to maximize friction and grip. Each section of the shaft is finished off with a Turks heads knot on each end of the wrap.

The Elite Series Gaffs are finished with deck friendly butt caps at the end of the shaft to protect against scratching or damage to the boat and also minimizes deck noise during a finicky bite.

Model # Gaff Length
Gaff Hook Size
GFE-523 2 Foot 3 inch
GFE-543 4 Foot 3 inch
GFE-562 6 Foot 2 inch
GFE-563 6 Foot 3 inch
GFE-564 6 Foot 4 inch
GFE-582 8 Foot 2 inch
GFE-583 8 Foot 3 inch
GFE-584 8 Foot 4 inch

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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SKU: GFE-523

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Shawn and Julie - Amazon Review
Great Gaff

After seeing this gaff at the Fred Hall Show, an annual So Cal fishing and outdoors extravaganza, I knew I wanted one.

As mentioned above, I have used this model Promar gaff, as well as other models of similar design, from Promar. I have one of their telescopic less expensive ones that I have used on my kayaks in the past, knowing full well that I would eventually like to upgrade. I tend to shop and compare when it comes to most items, being tools, sporting equipment, or whatever. I was immediately impressed by the detail and quality of the build in this gaff. It is lightweight without feeling cheap or flimsy in the hands.

Quick hits:
- Lightweight carbon fiber - feels solid!
- Sharp stainless hook (would have liked a tether for the point cover though)
- Nice turks-head finishing touches with a solid tuna-cord wrap and more than ample flex-coat on the wraps for no-slip grip even with slimy wet hands
- Rubber butt cap will prevent scratches to your boat and also protects the carbon fiber blank from impact that could lead to fracture

This is a great gaff. Promar and their sister company, Ahi, make solid products that are a decent portion of my stash of gear. I know they stand behind what they make and sell and, talking to the staff at the fishing shows, they put a lot of research into their products before they hit the market. Even afterward, they continue to look for ways to improve what they sell.

DGG - Amazon Review
Lightweight. Great grip

This is a great gaff. The turks-head knots provide great grip when wet and slippery. It's very lightweight and easy to handle. It is super sharp. I didn't want to spend this much on a gaff, but I'm certainly glad I did. It's wonderful. I hope they begin providing that little point protector (because it's really sharp) that other gaffs have. I took the one off of my tiny old gaff and made it fit this one.

Daniel J Rakers - Amazon Review
Top Quality Gaff

This is a beautiful Gaff, very light and top quality. I would Highly Recommend this Gaff if looking for a sturdy and great gripping for Ocean catches, it also floats.

brandon - Amazon Review
Great Gaff!

Solid gaff and light weight!

Mike D - Amazon Review
4 Foot Gaff with 3.5 inch Hook

Nice fish gaff for the money and appears to be well built. Light weight makes it easy to use one handed. Have not had a chance to use it yet so cannot speak to sturdiness or durability.