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Hello All YSWG Members

Promar Lobster Essentials

We worked with pros and enthusiast alike to bring you a special curated list of all the top items and bundles to help you start or restock on all your lobster gear. If you have any questions, check out our Lobster 101 Video and read our tips!

Lobster Tip #1
  • hoop near structure i.e: rocks, ledges, reefs (don't get too close and lose gear!)
  • when you're rigging bring some zip ties to tie off excess rope
Lobster Tip #2
  • when pulling try and stay above the net and pull straight up! keep consistent motion to minimize the amount of lost lobsters when pulling.
Lobster Tip #3
  • dealing with a lot of seals and lost bait? try our seal proof bait cage! when filling up try and ensure there is enough room in the cage to allow water to flow through and carry your scent!
Lobster Tip #4
  • make sure you write your CF number on your buoy and add on some reflective tape to ensure you can find it even if you lose your glow stick! try applying it in different patterns to differentiate yours from others.