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Promar ProMesh Series Hook Resistant Landing Nets


5 reviews
By Promar


The Promar ProMesh Performance Series Landing Nets
are making a huge impression on both fresh and saltwater anglers. The new generation of ProMesh netting is snag resistant, light weight, and easy on fish. Crankbaits and other lures won't get hung up in the netting and snagged.

ProMesh material is as durable as regular nylon mesh but is easier on fish and does not weigh as much as rubber netting. This net is perfect for competitive tournament fishing. A

All 3 models boast heavy-duty anodized aluminum telescopic handles with EVA grips for comfort. They also feature break-away frames for easier stowing.

The LN-650 has a 26 inch handle and has a hoop size of 12 inches X 16 inches. the LN-651 has a 36 inch handle with a hoop size of 18 inches X 20 Inches. The LN-652 has a 48 inch handle with a hoop size of 22 inches X 24 inches. 

Model # Hoop Size Handle Length Design
LN-650 12" x 16" 26" One Piece
LN-651 18" x 20" 36" Breakaway Handle & Frame
LN-652 22" x 24" 48" Breakaway Handle & Frame

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
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SKU: LN-650

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is a decent net. The biggest downfall is that the handle will not fit into a rod holder. The the net just just has to lie around the boat.

Russ Kennedy
Best Net For Kayak Tournaments

As a Kayak bass fisherman who participates in local and national level events. I have used this net to catch the big bass. I have tried others and they just don’t come close!!

Jerry K.
Best Boat Net

I have this on my 24' center console and it has been great. The break apart handle makes it very easy to stow in my bow compartment.

Shawn F.
Calico Net

I do a lot of fishing with crank baits, plastics, and stick baits and this net is great for landing big bass and not having the big treble hooks get tangled up. Definitely recommend it!

Tim H.
Heavy Duty Net

This is the strongest net that I have owned. Very happy with it's performance when striper fishing.