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Promar Clear Blue Series Rubber Landing Net


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By Promar


The Promar Clear Blue Series Rubber Landing Nets are equipped with attractive blue anodized handles wrapped with Crystal Clear Rubber netting - the best in snag proof technology.

The new mesh ensures a safe catch-and-release as it is soft on fish and it will not damage the slime coat or fins of the fish. As the fish flops around in the net, no worries about hooks. The hassle of getting hooks tangled and untangled as this net is snag proof. Another benefit is the clear rubber makes it less likely to startle fish upon landing. The fish will not see the netting.

They look good and they perform even better! This series of net comes in two models: The LN-601 has a 15 inch by 17 in hoop size with a 24 inch long handle, and the LN 602 comes with a 18 inch by 21 inch handle and a 36 inch long handle.

**Some Assembly May Be Required**

Model # Hoop Size Handle Length Replacement Net
LN-601 15" x 17" 24" RN-615
LN-602 18" x 21" 36" RN-622
SKU: LN-601

Customer Reviews

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Simon L.
Great trout net

Great catch and release trout net