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High Volume Wire Bait Cage

The Promar Wire Bait Cage provides secure and durable solutions for your crabbing and lobster hooping needs. These Bait cages are designed with heavy duty steel mesh that has been vinyl coated for additional corrosion protection.

Each bait cage features an elastic band and clip closure device that can easily and quickly secure the cage door after loading it with bait.

These wire bait cages are suitable for most fishing conditions. For specialized bait cages designed for heavy currents and deterring unwanted species check out Promar’s full line of bait container options.

Model # Size
AC-300L 8''x 6''x 4''


DISCLAIMER: These are not designed to hold up against large sea predators such as Sea Lions and/or Seals. Please check out our AC-300SP if you require something more secure. 


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