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9 reviews
By Promar


The new Promar Deluxe Folding Blue Crab Trap offers the best of both worlds with the catchability of a pot style crab trap and the convenience of a collapsible trap which folds down flat for easy storage and transport.

This trap is designed specifically for catching blue crab, this easy to use trap comes with 4 swinging entry doors on each side of the trap which allows for easy access for the crab to enter the trap. Once the crab gets inside the trap, the hinged doors will close behind it, which will then trap your catch.

The Promar Folding Blue Crab Trap also features high quality 1 1/2 inch vinyl coated wire mesh, three 2 3/8 inch escape rings, a 9 inch x 9 inch tender door that comes pre rigged with rot cord, and a bait cage tether. This high quality trap is the ultimate must have folding Blue Crab Trap. 

Model # Size (L) x (W) x (H) Entrances/ Ring Application
TR-555BC 21'' x 17''x 9'' Hinged Tending Door Blue Crab

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
MB - Amazon Review
Absolutely killer for the price

These things work perfectly. Foldable and lightweight. You will need to weigh them down with bricks or something though for ocean tides. We also used zip ties to sturdy it up before dropping them down. Also, put some weight (1 or 2 ounces) on each of the 4 doors so the tide doesn’t easily swing the doors open and let the crab out. I tied my own harness with rope directly to the pot. Use leaded line, don’t be an idiot and use floating rope in the ocean. Use your brain... and this trap... and you’ll catch crab. This is not for blue crab, it’s for big dungeness or similar. Do it. Get the scotty pot pulley too for about $40. It’s a major necessity to pull pots over a boat rail by hand.

Lucybee - Amazon Review
Best Crab Pot for the Money

I've spent years crabbing and worn out a lot of traps. This top-load pot is the only one I'll buy from now. It's brilliantly designed - folds flat and the rubber bungee-cord is placed so that it holds the pot shut flat for storage. Such a simple bit of engineering sets it apart from other crab traps I've used. The oldest one I have is just two years and so far the vinyl coating has held up well. No rust yet.

Banditrider - Amazon Review
Nice trap for the price

I was pleasantly surprised by this trap for what it cost. It went together very easily and after I bought a few accessories (harness, bait box) it was ready to go. I wasn't able to give it a long soak time so I didn't get crab but that's not the trap's fault. I did notice this, my other trap is a round pot which allowed several small halibut to enter. A real pain getting them out plus they scare away the crab, this trap did not let them in. Traps here sometimes get stolen/lost so I don't want to invest a lot of money so this does the job nicely. Looking forward to more uses this spring.

waiohai - Amazon Review
Perfect for ocean bay fishing.

We purchased three of these crab pots for fishing in the bay by our home. We had the ring crab pots but sometimes the current was too strong. The pots would not be where we left them and the crab would fall out. These are heavier and stay where they are set, the crabs are trapped inside, don't fall out, easy to open, have a large opening to remove the crabs, sturdy and has a nice plastic coating on the frame. We are very happy with this purchase but personally won't use them in the open ocean.

Val S - Amazon Review
Well designed.

This crab trap is a bit pricier than others (that I bought !), but better build; stronger and easier access to the Bait and the harvest inside.
I did some "add-on" for the doors (thanks to all Youtube-rs" and time to "soak" it!