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Promar Seal Proof Bait Cage


4 reviews
By Promar


The Promar AC-300SP Seal Proof Bait Cage, Multi, One Size is a heavy duty container to hold your bait while fishing an area with a dense seal or sea lion population.

These bait cages feature a rigid PVC tubing, high strength stainless steel cable, and heavy duty nylon clips that secures the cage to the hoop net. The new Gen 3 cage also features a threaded lid for additional security.

These easy to open and close bait cages make loading and reloading bait simple. The next time you’re out hooping for lobster make sure to use the Seal Proof Bait Cage to keep those pesky seals and sea lions out of your hoop nets.

Model # Diameter Length
AC-300SP 3.5'' 6''


Best way to rig them to your hoop net. 

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


BrianS - Amazon
Best bait holder on the market!

These are by far the best bait holders Ive ever used! I pack them with cut up deboned Chicken parts, Squid, Mackerel and Anchovys. They hold a lot of bait and long lasting for a 24 hour soak. I pack them the night before and freeze. Ive used many other bait holders but these are my standard now. They are rugged and quality built! Well worth the money and my full pots of Dungeness crab have easily given me a quick return on investment. The only downside is that the cover easily comes off especially if you have bait soaked in an oily crab attractant. I take a small cable tie and run it through one of the holes in the bait tube and then up through where the wire exits the cap. This will hold it in place and it doesnt come loose.

Jesus V. - Amazon
Very well made

I cant believe how srong this little bait cage is and its very well made, im using it for chum when im fishing from the shore in very very big lakes, gives me a better chance at finding something

MightyMizzou - Amazon
Keeps seals out. Crabs love it.

I use these for Crabbing in Half Moon Bay. AWESOME. catch the limit quickly and no seals. Fill them with Squid and chicken... crabs love them. Freeze them for slow miking.