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Floating Bait Motels (Steel Ring on Bottom)


The Promar Floating Gallon Bait Motels are a great way to store your bait without using a bait tank or keeping your bait pump running. It is specially designed with a convenient floating upper compartment and access to bait is secured by a drawstring closure to keep out pesky birds and other wildlife.

The Promar Bait Motel is made with soft Ace nylon material and all non-corrosive materials. This is also great for fishing in the flats, kayak fishing, float tubing, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) and for stowing bait away at a dock or slip.

The Bait Motel comes in various size capacities from 5 gallons up to 165 gallons. The NE-738 model (36" x38" and 165 gallons) has a massive storage capacity, triple float rings, and dual heavy duty handles for securing directly to docks or piers. The bait motel is a great tool for holding bait for extended periods of time.

Model # Size Capacity
NE-705 10" x 15" 5 Gallons
NE-700 14" x 15" 10 Gallons
NE-701 17" x 18" 18 Gallons
NE-738 36" x 38" 165 Gallons

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