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By Ahi USA


The Ahi USA Sand Dab Rigs are great whether you are targeting sand dabs for a tasty meal or want to make some quick candy bait for lingcod and other predatory rockfish, this is the only rig your will ever need.

Each rig comes ready to fish and is outfitted with a heavy duty snap swivel on each end of the main line, which allows this rig to be fished either vertically or horizontally along the bottom by adding weights to one or both snaps, rigged with artificial glow-in-the-dark shrimp attractants.

Available in 12 hooks or 6 hook rigs. Each rig comes with 80 pound test monofilament main line, 40 pound test monofilament branched line, and sharp 1/0 hooks. The hooks can be fished with or without bait.

Please check with your local agency for current and most up-to-date regulations as there may be restrictions on the amount of hooks you can use while fishing.

Model # Description Main Line/ Branch Line Test Hook Size
SB-700 12 Hook Rig 80/40 1/0
SB-706 6 Hook Rig 80/40 1/0

Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

SKU: SB-706 x 3

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