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3 reviews
By Promar


The Promar Minnow & Crawfish Steel Trap has a classic design and features two pieces for easy access and tending of catch. All models feature a heavy duty steel mesh construction.

The mesh on the TR-601 and TR-601L models are vinyl coated or while the TR-603 model's mesh is galvanized for extra protection.

All models Include a spring clip closure.

Model # Trap Size Entrance Size Material
TR-601 16.5" 1 3/4" Black Vinyl Coated
TR-601L 16.5" 2 1/2" Black Vinyl Coated
TR-603 16.5" 1 3/4" Galvanized
SKU: TR-601

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gerry Brooks
never a minnow

my granddaughter loves fishing. She bought me her grandpa one of these minnow Tr601 traps for a Christmas present. We took it out to get some bait and I let her put it together and tie on the rope . She was excited to see how it worked. After a half hour she went to bring it in and the rope came off and the trap was gone. I felt bad about that . I told her no problem so I bought another one. We then went to try it out and she tied knot after knot on the trap so it wouldn't come off. She tossed it in off our local pier. When she tried to pull it up after a while the trap was caught in the rocks and had jammed itself. After many tugs this way and that to no good results we had to cut the rope and lose the trap. my granddaughter couldn't believe her luck . After two minnow traps she never caught one minnow. The morrow of this story is beware of the area you toss your minnow trap


Just purchased this item and when I tried to use it the snap faster that it claims is provided was missing. After driving back to the store we bought it from they were all missing. I made do with some cordage but disappointed it says it's provided and it's not. Other than that it's in the water and fingers crossed it works 🙂

Jared L.
So Far So Good

I have the TR-603 model and after a handful of trips, it has held up pretty well. I wouldn't say this a magnet for crawfish, but it seems like it's easy for them to get into the trap when i do find the right areas that hold crawfish.