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AHI Sabiki Stick Bait Catcher Rod


7 reviews
By Ahi USA


The AHI RSB Sabiki Stick Bait Catcher Rod is a must have for both inshore and offshore fishing because having quality live bait can make all the difference in a day's fishing. This innovative fishing rod was designed exclusively for catching bait with up to a size 4 hook sabiki rig.

The Ahi USA Sabiki Rod only has one guide which feeds the fishing line directly into the hollow shaft of the rod. Avoid the hassle of tangling and untangling rigs by allowing the sharp hooks and line of a Sabiki Rig to be stowed in the hollow shaft of the rod which keeps it snag and tangle free until it is ready to fish.

The 3 piece design of the rod makes it ideal for breakdown and transport. The Sabiki Rod is available in both a 7 foot and 8 foot version and is compatible with either a spinning reel, baitcasting reel or conventional reel.

Model # Description Length Sectional Rod Pieces
RSB-700 Sabiki Stick Bait Rod 7 Foot 3 Piece
RSB-800 Sabiki Stick Bait Rod 8 Foot 3 Piece

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

SKU: RSB-700

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rick Maurer
Sabiki Bait Catcher Rod

The Sabiki rod and Sabiki Jigs work great. My only complaint is the Jigs dont entirely go into the 7' rod. If I would have known I would have bought the 8' rod.

Hello Rick,

We appreciate the feedback! Some sabiki lengths won't fit in the rod at that length. I'm sorry you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, reach out to us and let us see what we can do in regards to making this right! Thank you for the positive feedback nonetheless and we hope you enjoy it!

Piotr Zdaniewicz - Amazon Review
Good product quality

Amazing product.

G. Morgan - Amazon Review
Get the 8' model

I bought the 7' model and it is too short for a #6 sabiki. To make the sabiki short enough to reel all the way into the rod I had to cut off the snap swivel and tie the shortened line directly to the bell sinker. I see no reason to get a 7-footer since this is a 3-piece rod and easily fits in a rod locker if you remove the top piece. Get the 8-footer. If you're like me and cast or pitch the sabiki to a school of bait (Vs dropping straight down) one can easily cast a 2 oz bell sinker 60+ feet or pitch it a good ways. I mounted an old Calcutta 400 with 30# braid on the rod. Nice outfit. Works great.

CDP - Amazon Review
Ahi USA 8-Feet Sabiki Stick Boat Rod With Storage Bag from Ahi USA

Ahi USA a California based company offers this 8-Feet Sabiki Stick Boat Rod With Storage Bag for a price of $59.99, which is expensive. Once you have it on the boat, rigged with a sabiki rigging and a weight, it is forgotten how expensive it is. These specialty items are a luxury and the convenience of it's use as a specialty item for just catching bait, must be evaluated with it's use. I love mine and hope it offers years of use, providing hassle free bait fishing. Really, bait-fishing should be a fun effort not an effort to get bait. This rod is a good way to use the sabiki rig with out so much tangling and headaches. Good fishing. I love it.

Navy O - Amazon Review
Great rod.

Great rod. Heavy duty. I would definitely recommend.

I would recommend getting a good size bait caster or spinning reel. I got a small one and it didn't fit right but I just used a larger spinning reel I already had and it worked great.

It has three pieces on is the handle and the other two make up the rod. They go together easy. Stringing the line through the rod is a little bit of a pain. I recommend doing it while it's in two pieces and also use the paper clip. I tried to do it without and it didn't go so well.