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The Promar Shad/Smelt/Squid Dip Net is designed to scoop shad, smelt, squid, shrimp, and other baitfish. These extra long nets feature 20 inch wide frames and 1.5 inch diameter handles. These nets come in either 9 foot 4 inch long handles or 16 foot 4 inch models. These nets come equipped with dual push-button pins for more lifting power. Frame and handle break-away completely for easier storage. This series of nets come in either nylon or monofilament mesh. The Nylon mesh is soft and durable while the monofilament mesh is stealthy and offers low resistance. The LN-809 and LN-816 models come with nylon mesh while the M versions come with monofilament mesh. Both of the 809 models are 2 pieces and are retractable. Both of the 816 models are 2 pieces and are both retractable and telescopic. The Promar Shad/Smelt/Squid Dip Net is a perfect tool to scooping up bait whether it is squid at the islands or baitfish at your local lake.

Model # Hoop Size Handle Size Net Material
LN-809 20" 9FT, 1pc Mesh
LN-809M 20" 9FT, 1pc Monofilament
LN-816 20" 9FT - 16FT, 2pc Telescopic Mesh
LN-816M 20" 9FT- 16FT, 2pc Telescopic Monofilament

WARNINGCancer and Reproductive Harm –


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