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Promar Aluminum/Hook Resist & Rubber ProTec© Trout Nets


The Promar ProtecNet Trout Nets are designed for anglers fishing in rough terrain. The ProtecNet system is designed with the net secured internally within the frame, protecting the netting against abrasion or snags.

The LN-203, 204, and 206 models come with HookResist netting and the LN-208 model comes with Black Rubber netting

Model # Hoop Size Handle Netting
LN-203 15.5" x 11" 7" HookResist
LN-204 12" x 8" 7" HookResist
LN-206 18" x 14" 8" HookResist
LN-208 15" x 11" 7" Black Rubber

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