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By Promar


The Platinum Series Rubber Landing Nets are heavy duty nets that can land heavier fish and safely release them. These nets feature thermoplastic, rubber molded bags, which makes this net 100 percent snag proof and is especially effective for anglers fishing with treble hooks or multiple hooks. These soft rubber nets allow the fish to be released safely with minimal damage to scales and fins. The net comes with a sturdy octagon handle that provides more landing power. The handle is retractable for easy storage. The Promar Platinum Series Rubber Landing Net comes in three models. The small sized model is the LN-615 is 12 inch X 16 inch with a 24 inch handle, the medium sized model is the LN-622 is 20 inch X 22 inch with a 48 inch handle, and the large sized model is the LN-628 is 26 inch X 28 inch with a 60 inch handle.

Model # Hoop Size Handle Length
LN-615 14" x 16" 24"
LN-622 20" x 22" 48"
LN-628 26" x 28" 60"
SKU: LN-615