PROMAR is the official sponsor of the Power-Pole Pro Redfish Tour 

LN-651 ProMesh Landing Net –

This net by Promar is Great for Redfish Tournament Anglers because of the large hoop design and flat basket. This design makes it easy to land your fish and identify quickly if it is the one you have been looking for! And with the hook resistant netting it makes getting your top water plug or spinner bait out of the net and fish quickly when the bite is going off and you need to get back out there. Combine all this with a telescoping handle to help keep out of the way while fishing, and you just may have the perfect Net!


LN-502B Grande Series Hook Resist Landing Net –

Another Great Net by Promar for Redfish Tournament Anglers who don’t want to break the bank. This net has all the Features other nets have without spending a lot of money. It comes with Hook Resist Netting making it easier on your catch and you when retrieve your fish and lure. The flat bottom also helps identify if your catch is the right size by giving the angler a great view of the overall length before ever placing on the measuring board. Combine all this with a collapsible handle for easy storage and you have the ideal net for the budget minded angler!


LN-211L ProFloat Landing Net –

Promar’s New Profloat Landing net has been a great addition to their assortment. This one has been a great addition for the Kayak Redfish Tournament Angler. The handle and hoop come equipped with floating material making it readily available to the angler once they hookup. The lanyard at the end of the handle also makes it easy to clip on to you or your kayak when moving form spot to spot or when you need the net at your fingertips to land that trophy. Combine this with the hook resist netting an you have a great net for the kayak angler!